Challenges of Life

Hmmm....last friday (25/7/08), my friend, Liyen and I went to GSC to watch Journey To The Centre Of The Earth 3D version. Brendan Fraser is in it. He's a hunk. That was a real good watching experience. All those 3d effects really blew me up.This was exactly the thing i need before my future lectures, especially my educational psychology class. I don't hate this subject, it's just that the lecturer really creeps me. He is like the supedigger of information. He can make 1 question into 100 different questions.
Every single day after that class, i ended up whining about it to my roomates. Argh...i never feel this for any class. i was very into lectures and tutorials, but this is the only class that i wished i never have to take.

Life..Never Ending Journey.

These are the summaries of my life since the last 3 weeks.

June 19, 2008
Grandpa passed away. I was the last person in the house to see him alive since i nursed him immediately when i was home for my semester break. Cousin who was on his way to give his last respect to Grandpa joined Grandpa to meet their Creator.

July 1, 2008
Another Grandpa passed away. That makes 3 persons from my family passed away just in 2 weeks.

July 6, 2008
I was supposed to catch a flight at 1:55 pm to KL. Unfortunately, due to my brothers, i missed that damn flight and i had to purchase another ticket. So, i flew back to KL on the 8:50 pm flight. Landed in LCCT at 11 pm and arrived in KL sentral at 12 am. Fetched by my friends to my college. Hah...i was terribly exhausted.

July 7 - today
I caught a terrible cold and sore throat. I also coughed a lot. It was hard for me to talk without sounding like a rocker. On july 7, my friends celebrated my birthday 2 days earlier. It was fun until one of them poured tapioca flour on me and my other 2 female friends. We screamed like hell..But was a fun memory that i will never erase from my life.
Ooh yeah, i met one of ex-roomates in a post office earlier today.I really miss them, especially when it comes to their laughters and jokes. Hehe..

Well, it's 2:30 am now. I guess should hv my sleep.So, i'm signing off now. See you guys soon.