Home Sweet Home

Yes, I am now home!! Wahaha..what a wonderful feeling it is. Just to be home with mummy and my brothers are the kind of therapy that i need after 4 months of exhaustion in UM. I brought home hopes of collecting at least RM50 donations for my project. tihihi..i'm so taunted by the idea of handling a really, really big project next semester. Man, why did i ever got myself into this mess. Christmas is coming soon, but it is still less fun now cause grandpa is gone. I kinda miss him now. It's true what people said you know; we will never realise the importance of that person until he's gone forever. .
Ooh yeah...about this guy that i'm really interested with. He used to have long hair but the latest view of him really melts me. He's cut his hair into those cutie pie short hair.. Haha..seems like he got that vision to cut his hair from somewhere and obviously not from me as i never talked to him anymore since last semester. huhu..

Less one burden...

How do I start? Let's just say that i'm in super duper mood now because i've managed to get over educational psychology paper without much trouble and hasle. Haahha...Now, i can care less one more matter in my life..I'm So Over It...like Katherine McPhee said.
I'm now preparing myself for poetry paper dis evening at 3 pm which is going to be conducted at Dewan Tunku Chansellor of UM. Phew...i've yet to revise any notes because you know, the paper is at 3 pm. Come on, i'm not dat much of a bokworm to study so early as all the information will be lost by the time i started answering the questions. Kih2...
Man, i just can't get rid this excitement of going home..In fact, next thursday by 3 pm, i'll be taking my nap soundly at the comfy of my home sweet home and mummy's cookings. I do wish that time will fly faster so that i can get home even earlier and sooner. Oh yeah, did i mentioned that i've met someone who i haven't see for this whole semester? I saw him at the Bangunan Peperiksaan today while i was waiting for Edu. Psycho. I kinda miss him actually. And, he's looking supa kawaii with that new hair cut..
Well, gotta go now. Need some sleep as it's 5:08 am, 7/11/08 now.