Hye y'all. Okay, it's been a very busy week for me this week. First, i had to submit 3 assignments on the day. I escaped my Proficiency class to finish up my Poetry assignment. Then, on August 29, my friends and i joined our college's parade in our intravarsity natinal independence's parade. Then, last Saturday morning, we competed in the 'kolum' competition and got 2nd place for it. Then, from 8 pm until 11:45 pm, we spend the time playing games and other stuffs to wait for the 15 minutes before entering into August 31st. At the last 2 minutes, all of us gathered in front of the big screen in Dewan Sri Tanjung. There, we counted the last 10 seconds and......MERDEKA! MERDEKA! MERDEKA!
We had so much fun and happy moments on that day. We had some photo sessions. We all went nuts and all of us were GK's. Hak2.
After the whole countdown thingy, we went to KFC to eat because my roomates and i haven't taken our dinner yet.
Ok that's all i've to report. C ya in another post to come. Nite nite.

Am I angry? Yes, i am.

Huh...i don't know what else should i say about the wireless connection in my beloved college, that is 9th college. Before the 1 week holiday, the connection is like always there or at least i can get connected after 1 am. Now, it's like 'you can see me but you can't get me' kind of way. i can get to the logon page but once i key in the username and the password, it will say 'Login failed'. Huhuhu...The connection is supposed to be super duper fast and clear during the holiday since there are only a few of us on the college. Surprisingly, it is the other way around here. Help me...I nid my wireless to keep browsing my email and most importantly, my Friendster. hahahaha...

Speaking of a nice moment, this morning a cute thai guy talked to me while i was trying to get connected to the wireless. And the fact that he's a future doctor really pumps up his hotness level..Sssss..That is what we call as 'gatal' in malay.

I better of signing out now for i need to fetch my niece from kotaraya. she's coming over to spend a night with me at my college.


My stomach has been growling since morning. It has been two days since i last had my proper meal which have rice in it. For these 2 days, i've been hanging on pieces of bread and peanut butter. So, finally, priscilla and i went to the pasar malam in section 17. I was like really craving for rice that i quickly grabbed nasi goreng ayam and a cup of orange juice. we bought some satay as well as some fried chicken butts. Wahahahaha....In the end, we couldn't finish all the food we've bought. I can finally sleep in peace tonite since i've stuffed my belly with loads of food. What should i hv for tomorrow? Huhuhuhu...doing my assignments is so annoying cause i can't look for the right answer to give to my lecturer, especially on my Poetry's assignment. Huh...Anybody knows what the poem Tramp actually means? Help me!!!kah3.

i'm feeling a lil bit homesick. To add to my homesickness, my cousin sms-ed me and asked about my days. I can't wait for this semester to be over so that i can finally be with my family again. Nowhere is better than our home sweet home. Not even the best 5 star hotel in the world.

Ooh yeah, i finally got the chance to give some comments of my Friendster's friends. It's been a long time since my last comment. Obviously, studying takes a lot of our time.

well, what can i do? That's what studying is all about. You're supposed to study!
Okay, bye for now.

P/S : i'm downloading Kabhi Kushi Kabhi Gham from Youtube. Boredom is taking over me by the minute!

An Experience of Excitement!!

Okie, today is Monday, August 18, o8, obviously. My clock shows it's already 10:19 am. I had a very nice sleep last nite cause of the fun i had with some friends last nite.
We went Kotaraya and Mydin last nite. Okay, you may think what's the fun part about that? Everybody goes to Kotaraya. The thing is, I drove there. Me, with 0% knowledge of the KL roads, decided to take the kamikaze kind of courage to drive there with 3 friends; Rita, Priscilla, and Maureen. The first thing we did was to pray for a safe journey. Our journey to Mydin is okay. But, when we were going out of the parking lot, the car i'm driving slipped down and i almost hit the car behind me. Luckily, i managed to pull over and said sorry to that guy. Then, i pressed the gas pedal hard and we went out of Mydin. Everybody was silent for a minute. Then, we came to our sense. hahaaha...Scary huh..
After Mydin, we went to Section 14. We did some in prompt tu shopping there. Then, we had our late dinner at one of the eating outlet. One thing that made us laugh all they way was the sound the car made. The car is like a man's car with all the big Vroom sound. So, everytime we get out f the car, people looked at us in awe since they don't expect GIRLS to be coming out from the car. Maintaining our coolness and as embarassing as it is for us, we headed straight for the eating outlet. I had mee goreng mamak and a glass of iced milo.
Burp!!Oopsie..After filling our hunger pangs, we went back to college and had a nice rest. Nikki came to my room and we had a sleepover.


It's Sunday and as usual, there's nothing really interesting has happened in my life today.
I woke up at 7 and get ready for church. Priscilla and I went to the church together and had a very religious hang out. To my surprise, we walked to the church with this cute guy. I used to admire him but after he shaved his head, my admiration for him was gone with the wind. Muahahahaaha...i never like baldie, especially if they are not suited to be bald. God gave us hair, why take them away? Hey, it's my humble opinion anyway. I guess, it all depends on our personal view of things.

For the 1st time today, i spent really long time YM-ing with my friends and my niece. There was a lot of gossips, swearings and funny words. Hahahha...holiday is the only time that i can sit down and chat with my friends. I even managed to get on their nerves. Hahahah...sorry guys, i just love to do that.

oopss, gotta go...a friend is coming to my room. Her block is having a water shortage and she'll be taking her shower in my block. Hehehe

See u in the next post...Adios!!!

Much needed break!!

Phew...At last, the one week holiday is coming. I have been waiting and anticipating for this break all the time. This is the much needed break from all the hasle and the hectic life from UM. But yeah, as much as i would lurve to spend the whole week realxing and pampering myself, i have to wake up to the fact that i have to finish doing 6 assignments during that break. This means 1 assignment per day!!!

How am i going to go through these?
My roomates went home today, leaving me all alone. It's not like i've never been alone before, it's just that i'm so used to hear them laughing and crackingk jokes. The silence of my room is quite soothing actually. I can just lie on my bed and let my imagination take the lead. hmm...

I am now counting days for my trip to go home. It's still 3 months away, but i am already having a bad homesick. I don't show to my friends though. What irritate me the most now is the fact that i no longer can access the internet from my room. I am always connected to the wireless, but i can't seem to login. I don't why!!! And it has to happen during my need of getting information from the Net. Huhuhu....