DEYUMM....After 1 year and 2 months..

Deyumm....that's the word that i can relate to my absence from blogging. Thank God my blog is not followed by too many people. Haha.. I don't even know why I stopped blogging a year ago. Perhaps, I can sort of blame it on my tight schedule of classes and hanging out with my friends. Or maybe even because honestly, i don't think I have something's that is good enough to share with my fellow readers. Sigh...A lot of sweet and bitter memories had happened to me since a year and 2 months ago. Most memorable was my participation in FESENI '10 and also my teaching practicum. I will talk on those two later on. Now, I would love to vent out my long-hold anger/disappointment to my
volleyball team. Those who know me will know that I am a self-professed volleyball addict. I am good at it and I know I can go far if I was given the chance. Somewhere within February last year, I was on the volleyball team of my beloved college. Go 9th! You see, every second semester of an academic session, UM will have its SUKMUM,which is a sporting event between residential colleges of UM. I have been in my college's team since my 1st year. And, I though of making SUKMUM 2010 as my final participation because I planned on joining the FESENI 2011 as my final year's activity. However, when I went to the 1st training, I was very2 much
disappointed to know that the whole team is now filled with UM volleyball players and some of
them are not even 9th college residents. I found this very sad because SUKMUM was supposed to be a healthy battle amongst the colleges. It would be an extra advantage if the colleges coincidently have professional players in their team. Now, since the coach of my team was so keen on winning, he dissed the good players of 9th's residents and illegally imported the
professional players just so to make a Dream Team out of them. I was not very happy and I quit from the team. I played sport, especially volleyball because I love it. I thought of moving to netball but yeah, passing and dribbling ball don't give the same cool sensation of hitting, spiking and digging the superb volleyball..Teehee..

Okay, now that I was already out of the team, I decided to start on my FESENI a year earlier. This means I will be involved in FESENI for 2 years and not just 1 year. I joined the Solo singing. The bset part of the whole experience was that I get to awesome students with awesome voices, which I think can belt out any out-of-the-assembly-line singers out there easily. Ngeh2...Irama Malaysia and English were my niches. So, I went for audition of both. As strange as it sounds, i made to the final of Irama Malaysia and I flunked English...Baahaaha...I didn't get any placing at
the final though, but I love the environment, experience and the support that I got from my fellow singing comrades and also my friends. So, 2011 will be my second attempt in FESENI. I
wonder if I could make it to the final of either English or Irama Malaysia. Both would be uber awesome. Here is a pic of moi during the final of Irama Malaysia with my singing comrades and beautiful friends.

Jasri, Nina, Wana, 2 juniors,
Abang Faizul, Me, Rina, Yaya and Atie

Finally, I'm going to blab on my teaching practicum. Hurmpph....before this, all I've heard from some of seniors were ' Babe, your practicum is going to be HELL' and some sorts of that. So, those words gave me a pretty scary pre-assumption of practicum. And, it made me very pessimistic of going for the practicum. I dreaded semester 7 because that is the Practicum
Semester for me and fellow TESLmates. I went to SMK Bukit Bandaraya with Rina Hazwany and Rohaida. The first day in that school was pretty scary for us because we sent straight to the school assembly. There, the Principal introduced us to the whole school. While she did that, I saw some students making faces like ' Trainees, eh? Wait till you come to my class..Niccee..' The looks sent shivers to my timbers. Hahah...So, I was assigned with 4 Dedikasi (English) and a
combo of 4 Jujur/ 4 Jaya (Moral Edu.) My mentors were Mdm Shubashini and Mdm
Thaneswary. Both of them were very sweet and helpful. I had so much fun teaching those 2 classes. Of course, there were times when I lost myself. Hey, who says teaching is an easy deal? Try it once. Being a teacher means you have to be everything. A parent, a warden, a counselor, a health consultant, an image consultant, a facilitator and the list goes on. And, TEACHERS all over are being UNDERPAID. There, I've said it. I can still remember my ex-students' names till now.

The ever lively 4 Dedikasi

me and Rina with 4 Jujur/ 4 Jaya & 4 Maju/4 Ikhlas

The perks of being a trainee teacher was that you got all sorts of pampering from your students. Hehe..I'm guilty of one, too. 4 Dedikasi and 4 Jujur/4 Jaya were awesome classes. Faces of pure innocence and crazy, I must say. They made me happy and sad with their life stories. I was surprised that some of them were very open to me about their life ( you know who you are). Some invited me over to their place, but due to unwritten rules of being a trainee, I didn't. :-(
Practicum gave a lot of lessons that I would never be able to learn from books and campus. I learned a lot from my beautiful ex-students. Therefore, my practicum was in fact, a HEAVEN on Earth. It was no HELL. Not just the classes that I taught, but also the classes that I went to for sit-ins. Students being students. I was like them back then. Hahah.. both my classes held a farewell party for me on my last day at school. 4 Dedikasi's Puvanes channeled her inner MJ by performing the Man's songs for me in front of the entire class. I had to suck in a few tears though some managed to be seen by them. and, 4 Jujur/ 4 Jaya entertained me with their usual wits. Gosh..I really am missing them. I can only hope for the best for them. God bless you, my kids. :-D

So, I think that's all for now, folks. Let us pray that this current post will be the start of me being a diligent blogger. Huahua..For my Chinese peng you, Gong Xi Fa Chai.

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