What a bad day!!

Hmm...it's been a while now since my last post. This morning sumthing bad happened to me and my niece. Here it goes. We are supposed to go to the local town and get some stuffs for my uncle's sundry shop. Okay, happily as it is for us to drive ala Tokyo Drift (Wink..) all the way, suddenly i noticed that the ride is going bumpy. So, hey, i decide to pull over and checked the wheels. Nope, nothing's wrong. So, i caried on with my driving. Then, the bumpiness come again and this time it's worse. The car felt like it was going to throw my niece and i out of the car. So, once again, i pulled over and voila! There's the problem. A punctured tyre with a lot of air coming out with a 1 cm hole. dang!! Here we are, with nobody's one the road so early in the morning. we're doomed!. But, there's always a light at the end of the tunnel. Luckily, we pulled over in front of the house of somebody. luckily enough again, they came back from doing their early morning shopping just in time when we were about to burs into tears. So, he helped us to change the wheel. Before you jump into any conclusion, i want you to know that i myself can do the job IF i know where to put the jack. Haha..so, the guy helped and we offer to pay and he refused to take the money. Nice!!
after all that thing is done, my niece and i drove as soon as possible from that place as everybody who was passing by looked at us and we don't want to be the freak show. so, here we are now.

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