Finally... has been 2 weeks since my last scratch on my blog. I missed my blog so much!! Huh...being away from a source of wireless connection is such a pain in the a**. Heheh...Okay..Gawai Dayak Celebration is just around the corner. This is the time that i've been waiting for the whole year. It's the time of the year where i get to see and meet a lot of new relatives and visiting fren's home and have a chat wif them. It is more like Christmas but honestly i enjoy Gawai Day more because not everycelebrates, hence making it a special celebration. I am listening to Reflection by Christina Aquilera Bratman while making this post. Kistening to this song really does makes me think about all the memories and incidents that i went through this year. some of 'em are sweet and memorable and soma are stuffs that u wish u'll never remeber for ur whole life. coming of age ( i'm turning 21 dis July 9) doesn't do much work to me. I still act like a stupid person, rarely believing my own capabilities, always get myself in sticky situations, and a lot of other cases. Humm...i wonder when will i be more matured.

Now i'm listening to Hero by Mariah Carey Cannon...i'm putting their recent surname here. wow...mariah's marriage to nick cannon was a shock to happened too fast. When did they ever hitched up? When did they even meet? When did they say the magic words? When? When? When? Hahaha...

I watched E! a couple of days ago about Britney. Wonder here is she now? I really pity that gurl..She was like the epitome of beauty and stardom back then and now look at what happened to her? i was never her fan but in this case i do pity her. she lost her children's custody and i heard that she is dating a photographer/cameraman...the latest i know about her is that she attended Jamie's baby shower.

Anyway...that's all folks. I'll write more and more in my coming posts. Tata!
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