Integrity Much..

Hmm..Being a varsity student really exposes you to a whole new vibrant and colourful of race mixtures. People from different races mingling here and there together. But, despite all this openness, there are some people who keep on clinging to their own race and states. It's okay by me unless they start to condemn those who chose to be more open and friendlier. Thus, making us feeling bad.

Speaking of integrity, i personally believe that when it comes to being friendly, you will be friends with just about anybody from every corners of this world. So, i don't believe that if one of your friends hate this person, then you are obliged to follow suit and hate that person either. For me, this is bulls***. This only shows how shallow our personality is. It is better to know a person before making any assumptions, rite? Would you like it if people hate for no apparent reason? Putting ourselves in somebody else's shoes help us to understand this situation better.

And, everybody, i believe, is trying their best to keep up with the pressure of today's materialism. Most are willing to spend all their money on something they don't need or even afford, just to show that they are capable of doing so too. Recently, some poems that i've been studying with Dr Sharifah Aishah make me think twice and really make me reflect on myself. I think you guys should read those poems too. They're "The World Is Too Much On Us" and "Composed on Westminster's Bridge". Both poems were written by William Wordsworth.

Another thing, Malaysians are supposedly famous for their friendly cheerful face with Cheshire cat-grin. The truth is, some Malaysians are terrible. They don't even make the slightest effort to return back your smile. It feels like as if you're smiling to a wall. Sigh...To add pain to the wound, some of us are very prejudice and pesimistic.

Think about this ya.. Bubye!