Quite Happy

Last night, 29th of October 2008, my friends and I went to this Rumah Terbuka Sarawak bersama Ketua Menteri Sarawak at PWTC. Ha...It was fun. Lots of Sarawakians from within the vicinity ofKL nd other adjacent cities, especially varsity students came. I met a number of new people. Ismet Elisca...But my biggest surprise was when i met Christopher Boreh there too. I saw him first. His face is so familiar, yet i kept it to myself before asking Vivilin. Then, when we were waiting for our bus back to college, Chris came to me and said hi. Hahah..he still remembers me...Tihihi
If the wireless is ok, i might post up some photos here...Hehehe..C ya in another post