Less one burden...

How do I start? Let's just say that i'm in super duper mood now because i've managed to get over educational psychology paper without much trouble and hasle. Haahha...Now, i can care less one more matter in my life..I'm So Over It...like Katherine McPhee said.
I'm now preparing myself for poetry paper dis evening at 3 pm which is going to be conducted at Dewan Tunku Chansellor of UM. Phew...i've yet to revise any notes because you know, the paper is at 3 pm. Come on, i'm not dat much of a bokworm to study so early as all the information will be lost by the time i started answering the questions. Kih2...
Man, i just can't get rid this excitement of going home..In fact, next thursday by 3 pm, i'll be taking my nap soundly at the comfy of my home sweet home and mummy's cookings. I do wish that time will fly faster so that i can get home even earlier and sooner. Oh yeah, did i mentioned that i've met someone who i haven't see for this whole semester? I saw him at the Bangunan Peperiksaan today while i was waiting for Edu. Psycho. I kinda miss him actually. And, he's looking supa kawaii with that new hair cut..
Well, gotta go now. Need some sleep as it's 5:08 am, 7/11/08 now.
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