Ice Skating Disaster! & Sleepy-headed Cab Driver

Here it goes..on that fateful January 27th, 2009, my friend Puyang, her cousin, her cousin's friend and i went to Sunway Pyramid to have some fun. So, Puyang and i decided to head for ice-skating. Her cousin and the friend refused to join in the fun for some reason..hehehehe...Before the much coveted ice skating session, the 4 of us managed to squeeze an hour of karaoke session and we sang our heart out.. Huhu..So, okay, i led Puyang into the rink and skated happily round the rink gracefully..huhu..all things were going great until the last round around the rink. when Puyang and i were gleefully trying to go to the middle of the rink, a foreign guy(i omitted the race for racism matter) knocked me from behind and of course, that caused me to fall flat on my bum and brought Puyang to the icy floor as well. That seriously bad-mannered guy just got up and brushed his big ass and walked away, leaving me and Puyang trying to get up on ourselves with helps from some KIDS and the rink guard. My arm was sprained a bit. That guy didn't even apologize to us. Well, let's just say that that incident made me loose my mood to keep on ice skating. Bummer!

Okay, after that, we decided to go back to our college..I dunno if the day was supposed to be all unlucky on us or what, but...we landed our butt in the worst taxi ever!! Not the taxi, but the driver. He was sleepy and he drove the cab to the middle of the road twice! As unusual as it is for me to bark at somebody i dunno, i SCOWLED at the driver when i noticed that he was driving with eyes CLOSED!! OMG, he was risking our dear lives and i'm not gonna let that happen. Thank God, he awakens and keeps on driving like shit. I can even drive better than him. The driver was not a Malaysian and he keeps on asking silly questions like "Do you eat tiger meat?" Duh..Talking bout me being annoyed to the limit of being driven off the wall. So people, if you ever encounter the cab with this plate number HB 5885 with perhaps a Bangla driver, don't ever step your foot into that cab. Run for your dear life!! That guy is mui loco!!