Now, it's the Chinese New Year holidays. I'm stuck in my college with nothing much to do except for internet surfing and downloading stuffs. Huhhh...Can life be more boring than this? Anyway, i think that this semester will be spent real quick and suddenly, i'll be home again. kah3. i'm busy preparing myself mentally, technically and physically for my chess project. I'm pretty much scared now as i know thatt the odds are quite against me in making this project a successful one. i just have to believe all my friends in the project to help me through it al. Speaking of through it all, i've found this gospel entitled Through It All by the Hillsongs. This song is remarkable and very soothing. So, i'm downloading the rest of the album into my laptop. I really need some kind of religious break now. Tihhihi..I'll be spending today going aroung KL, especially KLCC and also some open shops. Sigh...Tomorrow is the big ice-skating day. hahahaha
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