Emotional Week

This week is gonna be the most intense week for me. I have to submit 2 assignments and most importantly, my projek : the open chess tournament, will be commenced on the 29th of march. Huuhuhu...We're trying very hard finding participants. We hope to get at least 25 teams so that we don't hv to worry so much about the money. The saddest part is that i get the worst project advisor ever. And, i have to use RM2k of my own money to support this project in advance. Mommy, help me. This whole day, i've been waiting for any confirmation from my volleyball coach regarding my participation in MASUM. Will I be selected or not? Selected or not, I'm happy either way. My friend's mom met with an accident and when i heard bout this, I really pity my friend. She has been dealing with a lot of problems this semester that she quit studying and now, this happens. I hope that she's strong and will look at this positively. Huhu...Lord, please be with her even though she's from a different religion and race from me. Your love knows no boundaries. I wis that i can be with her now, to console her and talk to her.
I miss my mommy!! I wanna go home!!