New Addictions!!!

Okay...i'm happy to tell that i know have two new addictions ; blogging and are cool man..i have never thought that i will be enganged to blogging activity, don't even ever imagined that i will be a blogger...guess that's what we call the 'call', huh? then, frenzy came to me via one of my YM buddies...first, i thought it was ridiculous cause i have never heard of it before..but now i think it's cool. I get to know people from around the world faster..(cliche, ain't it?) whatever it is, somebody please help me to deal with these addictions...I just can't stop. okay, now i am going to talk about the most memorable event for me for my 2nd semester in 9th college of UM.

On April 11, 08, the Cultural and Welfare Association of Borneo or better known as KKKB, organized an event called Malam Serumpun Borneo. I was one of the performer that nite and i did sing quite a bad version of our KKKB's theme song. I sounded like an ill moose but some complimented my voice..Awkward..

But hey, forget about my singing..the nite went well and all of us were satisfied with our efforts considering we had only 2 weeks for the whole thingy and we were also busy with our revisions and all. after the whole event or as i love to call it 'post-party event', me and my seniors and batchmates took quite a number of photos. there was a lot of comic snaps, my friends making funny faces, we were displaying our traditional clothes ( i was very proud of my Bidayuh clothes), we laughed and of course, we ate A LOT!! i ended up feeling bloated for like 2 days. wahaha...Nevertheless, it was a fun and wonderful experience as i got to mingle with friends from borneo..i can even say that i feel at home with them. Hehe...Here are some of the pictures from that night.

These gurls are sisters. they came from the same town as i am. but, i forgot to ask for their names.. Huhuhu
Me and my senior. she's from Sabah and her name is Rebecca a.k.a Becky.

From left : Priscilla, Maureen(senior), Well, Nikki and me.
and finally. again, from left (standing) : Alan, Me, Elvenna (senior), Maureen (Senior) Halimi (senior), Rita (senior).
Down : Kenny (senior) and Priscilla.
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