Thank God, I'm so over with Language Learning & Language Use paper..Nghahaha...I can finally breathe easier now. I need to prepare for 4 papers though..But, the thought of going home and being with mommy and family is feeling me that i just can't be bothered enough by exams. It's just me..I feel this way every single semester. It's not like I don't care at all 'bout my exams and pointer, but I am home only twice per year so, I won't take it for granted. Mommy, please be ready with your cookings when I'm going home..Lord, the 1 hour and 45 minutes flight feels like forever whenever the journey is from KL to Kuching. I just stare and look at those sometimes cute stewards..Tihihi..Yeah, most of them are taken, sorry.

I can't sleep nor stay put on flight. So, I'll usually bring any novels or reading materials to entertain myself or I just look outside the window and stare at those blinding white clouds..Who knows clouds can be so white that they actually blind you? Huh..talk about seeing stars after looking at the clouds..Hahaha..Whatever it is, mommy has been calling and sms-ing me quiet often this days and she said that she misses me..Aaawwh..Nobody's home except for grandma, aunt Patricia and her 2 sons. My 2 brothers have gone to INTI college to pursue their dreams in Hotel Management. So, obviously, Mommy is lonely at home.

I went to the church with Kenny, Puyang and met Elvenna, Bario, Becky, William and Well there to do our part on Holy Thursday. During the vigil, the ambience of the whole Holy Thursday brought tears to me...I miss my late grandpa and cousin suddenly. Usualy, at this time of the year when I was still in high school, we will gather and have a BBQ session. But now, grandpa and cousin are gone forever. Hopefully, God will tel them that I miss them badly and greatly. This June 19th and June 20th are the days of their first anniversary of departure..