Am I angry? Yes, i am.

Huh...i don't know what else should i say about the wireless connection in my beloved college, that is 9th college. Before the 1 week holiday, the connection is like always there or at least i can get connected after 1 am. Now, it's like 'you can see me but you can't get me' kind of way. i can get to the logon page but once i key in the username and the password, it will say 'Login failed'. Huhuhu...The connection is supposed to be super duper fast and clear during the holiday since there are only a few of us on the college. Surprisingly, it is the other way around here. Help me...I nid my wireless to keep browsing my email and most importantly, my Friendster. hahahaha...

Speaking of a nice moment, this morning a cute thai guy talked to me while i was trying to get connected to the wireless. And the fact that he's a future doctor really pumps up his hotness level..Sssss..That is what we call as 'gatal' in malay.

I better of signing out now for i need to fetch my niece from kotaraya. she's coming over to spend a night with me at my college.
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