Hye y'all. Okay, it's been a very busy week for me this week. First, i had to submit 3 assignments on the day. I escaped my Proficiency class to finish up my Poetry assignment. Then, on August 29, my friends and i joined our college's parade in our intravarsity natinal independence's parade. Then, last Saturday morning, we competed in the 'kolum' competition and got 2nd place for it. Then, from 8 pm until 11:45 pm, we spend the time playing games and other stuffs to wait for the 15 minutes before entering into August 31st. At the last 2 minutes, all of us gathered in front of the big screen in Dewan Sri Tanjung. There, we counted the last 10 seconds and......MERDEKA! MERDEKA! MERDEKA!
We had so much fun and happy moments on that day. We had some photo sessions. We all went nuts and all of us were GK's. Hak2.
After the whole countdown thingy, we went to KFC to eat because my roomates and i haven't taken our dinner yet.
Ok that's all i've to report. C ya in another post to come. Nite nite.
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