An Experience of Excitement!!

Okie, today is Monday, August 18, o8, obviously. My clock shows it's already 10:19 am. I had a very nice sleep last nite cause of the fun i had with some friends last nite.
We went Kotaraya and Mydin last nite. Okay, you may think what's the fun part about that? Everybody goes to Kotaraya. The thing is, I drove there. Me, with 0% knowledge of the KL roads, decided to take the kamikaze kind of courage to drive there with 3 friends; Rita, Priscilla, and Maureen. The first thing we did was to pray for a safe journey. Our journey to Mydin is okay. But, when we were going out of the parking lot, the car i'm driving slipped down and i almost hit the car behind me. Luckily, i managed to pull over and said sorry to that guy. Then, i pressed the gas pedal hard and we went out of Mydin. Everybody was silent for a minute. Then, we came to our sense. hahaaha...Scary huh..
After Mydin, we went to Section 14. We did some in prompt tu shopping there. Then, we had our late dinner at one of the eating outlet. One thing that made us laugh all they way was the sound the car made. The car is like a man's car with all the big Vroom sound. So, everytime we get out f the car, people looked at us in awe since they don't expect GIRLS to be coming out from the car. Maintaining our coolness and as embarassing as it is for us, we headed straight for the eating outlet. I had mee goreng mamak and a glass of iced milo.
Burp!!Oopsie..After filling our hunger pangs, we went back to college and had a nice rest. Nikki came to my room and we had a sleepover.