It's Sunday and as usual, there's nothing really interesting has happened in my life today.
I woke up at 7 and get ready for church. Priscilla and I went to the church together and had a very religious hang out. To my surprise, we walked to the church with this cute guy. I used to admire him but after he shaved his head, my admiration for him was gone with the wind. Muahahahaaha...i never like baldie, especially if they are not suited to be bald. God gave us hair, why take them away? Hey, it's my humble opinion anyway. I guess, it all depends on our personal view of things.

For the 1st time today, i spent really long time YM-ing with my friends and my niece. There was a lot of gossips, swearings and funny words. is the only time that i can sit down and chat with my friends. I even managed to get on their nerves. Hahahah...sorry guys, i just love to do that.

oopss, gotta go...a friend is coming to my room. Her block is having a water shortage and she'll be taking her shower in my block. Hehehe

See u in the next post...Adios!!!
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